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cooling - thermal energy storage - heat recovery - desalination - brine concentration - eutectic freezing



(cooling, heating and desalination)


(brine concentration and eutectic freezing - used in water treatment process)


(thermal energy storage)


(combination Refrigerated Sea Water and Ice production) - for fishing trawlers


(Production of Flow-Ice for fish processing)


(Production of pure snow for use in food processing, i.e. fish packing, chicken or food processing)

EverFlo-Mine Optimize (EMO)

(Optimization of mine cooling systems to reduce power consumption)

EverFlo™ is a company focussing on the development of innovative system around the newly patented industrial heat exchanger that could be used for many applications. From waste water treatment to desalination, fish and marine cooling systems to food processing and mine cooling. The applications are numerous and only limited by your own mind.

One could argue that all of the above already exist, but our focus is to do all of the above more efficiently, therefore reducing energy and operational cost.

In some cases we combine different services in one system.  As an example, our CHAD system (cooling, heating and desalination) in Singapore, where fresh water supply has to be imported or recovered via different strategies, from waste water treatment to recovery of rain water on the island that has no natural water supply, we came up with the idea to provide a desalination system using sea water, producing pure snow and using the snow as thermal energy storage for hotel or district cooling. We further recover the heat from the high pressure side of the refrigeration system, and through this combined approach, we save energy and are able to deliver cooling, heating and desalinated water at a much reduced operational cost.  An all-in-one solution.

In the fishing industry, Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) and Flow-Ice systems are normally two separate systems. Now with the EverFlo™ system, we combine RSW and Flow-Ice. This is a first in the fishing  industry and the possibilities are endless. 

EverFlo™ designed a patented system to treat waste water and concentrate the waste stream. This solution is much more energy efficient with much lower operational cost.

The EverFlo™ system could also be used in mine cooling optimization, and through ice production we optimize the chiller plant operation and therefore reduce the energy cost through demand side management and better energy efficiency on chiller plants. The daily energy savings are up to 10%. 

EverFlo™ continue to innovate on all fronts, with the main drive to save energy and operate system at lower cost.