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EverFlo™ came into existence in 2011, but the idea behind inventor Evert Frederick Potgieter’s technology was born as early as 2000.

The basic philosophy of simplicity, reliability and most efficient operation led to the constant drive to change the way we think. Current slurry ice technologies is very inefficient and complex and nobody saw that through effective developments, we could use simple and efficient slurry ice systems to address a multitude of problems more effectively.

For this reason, Evert started to work on his passion to simplify refrigeration system designs and ensure improved performance with increased reliability and lower operational cost.

Slurry ice (Flow-Ice) was one area that never properly succeeded on a large scale. Due to the complexity and high manufacturing cost of systems on the market, it was not possible to use slurry ice technologies effectively on a large scale. 

Sine 2000 Evert started to work on basic concepts completely different to what was currently available, and basically started with a clean slate. Many small scale tests and developments lead to the successful invention of the EverTube.

Today the EverTube proves that EverFlo™ can add value in many different sectors of industry.

It is always difficult to invent something and bring this technology to a very conservative industry that resists change. However, today we are forced to think more creativly to reduce the impact of industry on the current energy and environmental challenges.

EverFlo™ has succeeded to set up pilot projects in all areas that prove the concept and we are confident that this will lead to a large scale rollout of EverF, the inventor of EverFlo™ technology, Evert F. Potgieter, lo technologies.

cooling - thermal energy storage - heat recovery - desalination - brine concentration - eutectic freezing

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(cooling, heating and desalination)


(brine concentration and eutectic freezing - used in water treatment process)


(thermal energy storage)


(combination Refrigerated Sea Water and Ice production) - for fishing trawlers


(Production of Flow-Ice for fish processing)


(Production of pure snow for use in food processing, i.e. fish packing, chicken or food processing)

EverFlo-Mine Optimize (EMO)

(Optimization of mine cooling systems to reduce power consumption)