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(TES) Thermal Energy Storage systems is not a new concept and widely used to manage peak heat loads.  The EverFlo™ system uses salt water or any temperature depressant to produce the slurry ice and store the ice to be melted during high peak load. The advantage of the EverFlo™ system is that the energy cost to produce the ice is lower than any other method currently available.

cooling - thermal energy storage - heat recovery - desalination - brine concentration - eutectic freezing

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Thermal Energy Storage system with secondary heat load. Peak load i.e dairy Industry, air-conditioning or any peak load for short time of the day.

No agitation is required and no complex ice on coil systems in the tank.

COP of between 4.5 and 5, depending on operating conditions, working

with Ammonia as refrigerant.


(cooling, heating and desalination)


(brine concentration and eutectic freezing - used in water treatment process)


(thermal energy storage)


(combination Refrigerated Sea Water and Ice production) - for fishing trawlers


(Production of Flow-Ice for fish processing)


(Production of pure snow for use in food processing, i.e. fish packing, chicken or food processing)

EverFlo-Mine Optimize (EMO)

(Optimization of mine cooling systems to reduce power consumption)