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EverFlo-Mine Optimize (EMO) system is used to optimize chiller plants used in mine cooling. 

The EverFlo™ system is used to produce pure ice and store the ice in large tanks to be used through two strategies:  (a) Operate the chillers with higher outlet temperatures and inject the cold water in the line after the chiller to reduce the chiller outlet temperatures, therefore improving the chiller efficiency and (b) Melt the ice through demand side management (DSM) and stop the chillers during peak energy hours of the day.

This concept saves 10% of the energy through implementing the EMO.

Over an above the saving through improvement on chiller efficiencies, and DSM, the system also provides a constant online water treatment and removes saline solutions from the circulated water in the mine. The fact that we produce ice and the concentrated saline water drained from the ice, is treated in phase two to ZLD (zero liquid discharge). This concept provides a combine a approach in order to optimize mine cooling operations and at the same time treat the water to maintain water quality.

cooling - thermal energy storage - heat recovery - desalination - brine concentration - eutectic freezing

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There are many variables in the way Mine cooling could be done. This is onlyone concept to combine the EverFlo™ with existing chillers. Energy Saving on chillers with higher COP of 5.6 = 25064/5.6=4475.7 kw

EverFlo™ system with COP 5.5= 5397/5.5 = 982 kW

Total power saving = 6092.24 - (4475.7 + 982) = 635.96 kW (approx. 10% saving)

This equates to a daily energy saving of approx. 10 MWh - 15 MWh energy saving.

This saving does not consider the DSM saving or any saving with reference to pumping cost reduction with lower temperature water delivered underground.


(cooling, heating and desalination)


(brine concentration and eutectic freezing - used in water treatment process)


(thermal energy storage)


(combination Refrigerated Sea Water and Ice production) - for fishing trawlers


(Production of Flow-Ice for fish processing)


(Production of pure snow for use in food processing, i.e. fish packing, chicken or food processing)

EverFlo-Mine Optimize (EMO)

(Optimization of mine cooling systems to reduce power consumption)