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Evert Frederik Potgieter founded EverFlo in 2011. The network of companies under his management are indicated below:

cooling - thermal energy storage - heat recovery - desalination - brine concentration - eutectic freezing

About Us

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EverFlo Innovation (Pty)

Marketing and sales in EverFlo products.

(South African Company)

Owner of Intellectual property in South Africa and international patent on Ever Tube.

EverFlo (Singapore)

(Pty) Ltd

(Singapore Company)

Owner of Intellectual property in Singapore.

Flow-Ice (Singapore)

(Pty) Ltd

(Singapore Company)

Installation, commissioning and client interface in Singapore.

PAM Marine and Industrial

(Pty) Ltd

(South African Company)

Exclusive Manufacturer for EverFlo™.

PAM Refrigeration in Cape Town has been in the Marine and fish processing for 10 years and design, install and commission industrial refrigeration system.


(cooling, heating and desalination)


(brine concentration and eutectic freezing - used in water treatment process)


(thermal energy storage)


(combination Refrigerated Sea Water and Ice production) - for fishing trawlers


(Production of Flow-Ice for fish processing)


(Production of pure snow for use in food processing, i.e. fish packing, chicken or food processing)

EverFlo-Mine Optimize (EMO)

(Optimization of mine cooling systems to reduce power consumption)